The results of your bathroom remodeling project should make luxury a lived experience and a visual experience.

As bathroom remodeling experts, we make this happen. The process begins with initial conversations where we listen to your vision and ask questions about how you want to use and move throughout the space. After we gain an understanding of what your family needs, we help you define a realistic budget based on your requirements. We discuss how your family functions in the current bathroom to determine what is working and what isn’t. We can then build on that to create a design that can improve your life. Your budget and vision may center on working within an existing footprint, adhering to an existing layout or creating an entirely new space and layout. The goal at this stage is to find the right configuration for your space that maximizes efficiency, beauty, and functionality.

Bathtubs are often the center of a luxury experience and can be freestanding or built-in with a wide variety of sizes, textures, and colors. If space, budget, and preference permit, both a tub and separate walk-in shower can be part of the remodel. Based on an understanding of your needs and space, an enclosed tub can do double duty without compromising luxury.

Vanities provide both functionality and aesthetic beauty through storage options. They can be standalone or a custom design to fit a preexisting footprint or an expansive space with double sinks. Our design experts will help you find a balance between ideal counter space and sinks that are focused on daily routines, storage and outlets for amenities. Sink and shower fixtures that meet utilitarian placement needs based on family members can also deliver functional beauty with the right finishes that provide aesthetic punch via classic silver, gold, or even bold matte black.

The latest toilet designs can be married to ideal placement and architectural elements that provide separation and privacy without compromising flow. We design storage elements to be a mix of both hidden and open without hampering flow, convenience, or beauty. Durable and beautiful tiles made from marble, ceramic, porcelain or even terra-cotta, hand” painted, or concrete can be cost and aesthetic considerations where varied sizes can deliver patterns that complement the available space. Our design experts help you decide on tile shapes and sizes that play into the overall design and the size of the space to deliver function and beauty you’ll love for years to come.

Lighting plays a big part in bathroom remodeling from both a functional and aesthetic perspective, and having natural light sources like windows or skylights can broaden the options. Fixture styles and placement will draw on the physical needs of the people using them, so height, angle, coverage and controls are all optimized based on specific family needs.

Villane design experts use the latest tools and technology to create spaces that you can virtually move through, drawing on our countless past projects to provide you with inspiration. We keep your budget in mind and provide itemized quotes at every stage without letting it compromise your vision. Once the bathroom remodeling design is locked in we provide a timeline for ordering finishes and materials with the construction timeline determined by your needs, construction team schedules, city inspections, and permit process. Because of our extensive track record in countless projects, we can provide a realistic schedule.

Our seasoned build team, craftspeople, and designers work with your personally assigned project manager to develop a construction schedule that minimizes the disruption to your daily routine and expedites the build in the shortest amount of time. For Villane, every detail from initial conversations to the first use of your new space are focused on creating a smooth customer experience. The result is a customized bathroom space that meets your definition of luxury. To learn more about our bathroom remodeling services in Westfield, NJ and beyond, give us a call today.


Let us make your vision into a reality.